YouTrack e-mails

Dear All,

Today some of you received dozen e-mails from YouTrack connected with
something which looks like LLVM PRs. Please ignore them and I do
apologize that you received them.

Here is some background. As you may know we had a lot of problems with
Bugzilla recently due to spam activity. Currently we're having user
registration disabled and all the users have to be created by hands.
Unfortunately, Bugzilla has very poor possibilities for dealing with
spam PRs as well as bulk operations, e.g. we simply cannot remove spam
PRs without executing SQL statement directly in the mysql console.

Currently we're simply evaluating different approaches how to proceed:
  - Customize bugzilla to add some filtering / captcha / whatever (it
seems there is no built-in functionality for this).
  - Move to some other product, including (but not limited to) to e.g.
JIRA, YouTrack, Redmine, Mantis, <insert your favourite bug tracking

The second approach regardless of the selected system involves the
migration of the whole Bugzilla and this process might have a lot of
rough edges. So, recently we started to test whether we could import
the whole Bugzilla contents to Youtrack, evaluate the completeness of
the data, etc. Accidentally I enabled the e-mail notifications for a
moment and this is how all the e-mails were sent.

Note that nothing was decided yet, it might be very probable that
we'll continue use Bugzilla, we're just evaluating other options and
collecting the relevant information. We will try to make sure that
there will be no more e-mail notifications without reason.

Hi Anton,

Thanks for the effort of testing new systems!

I'm a hard fan of bugzilla (I know, I'm weird), but I'm happy with any
other, too, as long as they don't block us more than help.

In the end, any future decision will have to be backed by hard data,
and testing these other systems as you're doing is the only meaningful
way of getting it.