Zurich LLVM Social - February 11, 2016 - ETH

Dear all,

we are organizing a "Zurich LLVM Social" on Thursday, February 11, 19:00 at ETH and invite interested people to attend.

# Registration (to facilitate planning):


# What is it:

The Zurich LLVM Social is an informal meeting to discuss compilation and code generation issues with a focus on LLVM and related projects (clang, Polly, lldb, ...)

Our primary focus is to provide a venue (and drinks & snacks) that enables free discussions between interested people without imposing
an agenda/program.

Related technical presentations held by participants are welcomed (please contact us).

# Who is invited:

Anybody interested in LLVM - No ETH affiliation required

# When

Time: 19:00

The building closes at 19:00. If you are late, you need to call us
to be let in (we send out the number before the meeting).

Subsequent meetings will take place every 2nd Thursday of a month.

# Where

Systems Group Meeting Room - CAB E 72

We suggest to enter the building through the right side-entry of the
CAB building (marked in the map below), which leads almost directly to the room E72.

Map: Google Maps
Floorplan: http://www.rauminfo.ethz.ch/Rauminfo/grundrissplan.gif?region=Z&areal=Z&gebaeude=CAB&geschoss=E&raumNr=72

See you soon,
Tobias Grosser

This is taking place Thursday.

Will will have two external visitors, Michael Kruse and Giorgio Zachero form Paris and Lugano, presenting their work. Talks will start 19:15.

1) Lattice QCD Optimization and Polytopic Representations
    of Distributed Memory in LLVM