1.5 llc hangs w/ GCC 4.0.1?

Hey guys,
I just moved to the 1.5 release yesterday. I compiled the Debug
version cleanly from sources (I'm not using the gcc frontend) using
GCC 4.0.1 (on Fedora Core x86), and I noticed that llc hung in an STL
iterator loop given trivial bytecode input (essentially a single
function to add a couple of integers). The bytecode compiled fine from
llvm assembly via llvm-as.

The hang was in one of the STL destroy() loops; basically _first was
ok (originated inside the bowels of a SetVector (Value*)), but _last
was an at best undefined pointer (something like 0x013), so the loop
would just chug along forever, and crash at some point I presume
because it doesn't sound healthy to walk through the entire free

Has anyone seen this or should I try to find the cause?

Best regards,


This has been seen before and I believe fixed in the CVS version. See http://llvm.cs.uiuc.edu/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=578 for details. The problem was fixed June 6 by Nate. The patches are included in the bug report.

You can either apply the patches to your 1.5 sources, use CVS, or downgrade your compiler to 3.4


Andreas Fredriksson wrote:

Thanks Reid, I should have grepped the bugzilla. :slight_smile:

Using the CVS version now and it works fine.

Best regards,