[8.0.0 Release] Please write release notes

Hello everyone,

This is your biannual release notes nag email.

We're getting closer to the end of the release schedule for 8.0.0, but
the release notes are still very thin for many parts.

When the release happens, the first thing people look at are these
notes, so it's a great opportunity to mention the work that's been
done in the past six months.

If you know anything that's worth adding, please commit to the release
notes directly on the branch, or send me a patch, or even a plain
email with some text and I'll happily commit it for you.


I'm not sure what to do with potential LLDB release notes. Should I
just add a LLDB section to the LLVM release notes or do we actually
have a separate file for LLDB like clang/libcxx/lld do?

- Raphael

I don't think lldb has a separate release notes document. Adding an
lldb section to the llvm ones sounds good to me.