Access to cfe-dev


First, I do apologize for the perhaps irrelevant email to many on the list but I have only attempted this approach after exhausting all potential methods.

I have submitted a request to join clang developers mailing list (cfe-dev) a couple of months ago and until today my request has not been approved. I asked a colleague of mine on the list to send an email to ask about the status of my request but apparently even he cannot send emails to the list anymore. I have tried to send an email to requesting to sign up to cfe-dev but still no response.

Can someone here please help with getting my registration for cfe-dev mailing list approved? I have a question I want to post to the list.

Kind regards,

Maybe llvm-admin can help unblock this.

Helps if I add the right llvm-admin..

Thanks David.

Hopefully, someone will pick this up.


No luck so far…

Can anyone please suggest what I need to do to sign-up for cfe-dev ?



I am very sorry this happened. I’m not sure why your email to the subscribe list didn’t go through. I’ve checked spam folders but have not seen anything. If anyone else encounters this, you can always email me directly. There is some lag (not instant) to get people subscribed but it is not months.

You are now subscribed.


Thank you Tanya so much for the prompt response and action.

Much appreciated.