Add a type checking macro __is_type_defined(type)


We would like to propose to implement a type checking macro like
to check whether a type has been defined or not so far during preprocessor.

The possible usage of this macro can be illustrated by below.

#if !__is_type_defined(struct abc)
struct abc {


If ‘struct abc’ is defined before the ‘#if’ the __is_type_defined(struct abc) should be evaluated as true or 1. Otherwise, __is_type_defined(struct abc) should be evaluated as false or 0.

Previously we proposed attribute((bpf_dominating_decl)) and later__attribute__((bpf_accept_identical_del)). The previous discussion is at

The attribute((bpf_dominating_decl)) is not favored by upstream, and attribute((bpf_accept_identical_del)). has its own limitation for our use case.

So we propose a macro __is_type_defined(type) so clang doesn’t need to make non-default decision how to handle duplicated types. User code can handle them in their particular way with the new macro.

Is this something clang could implement?

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