Adding custom builtins

Hi all,
I’m hacking clang to parse a c-like quantum programming language and am having trouble parsing builtin functions. It seems to me that FunctionDecl::getBuiltinID() [Decl.cpp] is chiefly responsible for determining whether a function identifier is a builtin or not. However the guts of this function: IdentifierInfo::getBuiltinID() [IdentfierTable.h] but it appears to me that this function will only recognize objective c builtins.

/// getBuiltinID - Return a value indicating whether this is a builtin
/// function. 0 is not-built-in. 1 is builtin-for-some-nonprimary-target.
/// 2+ are specific builtin functions.
unsigned getBuiltinID() const {
if (ObjCOrBuiltinID >= tok::NUM_OBJC_KEYWORDS)
return ObjCOrBuiltinID - tok::NUM_OBJC_KEYWORDS;
return 0;

Am I missing a step in the builtin lookup process?

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Hi Dani,

I’ve just added some builtins for my target and this is what I needed to do:

LLVM was modified by:

  • Created an Intrinsics*.td in include/llvm/ and defined the intrinsic to extend GCCBuiltin. This file was included at the bottom of in the same directory.
  • The instruction was defined in the lib/Target/* file which used the intrinsic as it’s pattern.

Clang was modified by:

  • Created a Builtins*.def for the target in clang/include/clang/Basic.
  • Modified include/clang/Basic/TargetBuiltins.h to include the target by copying the other targets but referencing the newly created .def file.
  • Modified the TargetInfo class to contain BuiltinInfo in clang/lib/Basic/Targets.cpp.
  • Add a function in clang/lib/CodeGen/CGBuiltin.cpp to the handle the builtin and a case in EmitTargetBuiltinExpr to call that function.

If you just follow the examples of the existing targets, its quite simple. Hope that helps.


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