Adding Value to use_list of instruction

I’d like to add a value to a use_list of a new instruction that I am inserting, is this possible?

I was looking at using Value::addUse(Use&), however, this doesn’t take a value, it takes a Use, so I need to pass the value as a use somehow?


You normally shouldn't need to mess with use-lists directly; what are
you trying to do?


I have a new block with new PHI instructions. I addIncoming for the PHIs but this apparently doesn’t update the use list, which I am trying to use later on to update any instructions who are no longer dominated.

addIncoming will automatically update the use-list for the value in
question, as will building a new instruction, changing an operand of
an existing instruction. If you're seeing a use-list which appears to
be out-of-date, you're probably doing something else wrong.