Announce - chocolatey packages available for LLVM on Windows

Hi there

Myself and a colleague, David Bimmler, have created chocolatey packages for LLVM versions 3.8.0-3.9.1 inclusive. We did this because we wanted to make it easier to install onto our build infrastructure.

You can see the packages via and the source code for the packages at

Chocolatey’s moderation process involves a human in the loop, and so can take a few days. While the packages are pending review, you can install them by qualifying the version, like choco install clang --version 3.9.1, instead of just choco install clang.

Information about chocolatey -
How to install chocolatey -

Hopefully this is a welcome contribution. We’d be happy for it to be pulled into core if you’d like. AFAIK the package would need a Windows machine with powershell to be built on within your release automation. We’d also need to extend the automation in our repo to support publishing RCs (I notice 4.0.0-rc3 has just dropped).

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Cool, I’ve heard of Chocolatey, but never actually used it. Anything that makes it easier to use Clang on Windows sounds great to me. Thanks! :slight_smile: