Announce: Rust bindings for the LLDB public API

Hello all,

I’ve been working on Rust bindings for the LLDB API and they’re coming along pretty well. They aren’t complete yet, but they’re getting close:

The documentation for these bindings can be found at

I need to write more documentation, hook up more safe bindings for things like events, values and a few other things. Some very basic things already work though.

These are using the C code / API that was submitted in a pull request in April of 2015 and subsequently seems to have been abandoned.

My goal here is to have a very clean binding of the C++ API, but with some modifications to make it more idiomatic Rust in places. Examples of this are returning Option types instead of requiring that the caller check IsValid, as well as Result types when there might be an SBError.

This is being done to power some of my other projects, but I’m willing to support this for others should the need arise and I’d love to see more people using this than just me. I’ve also got a Patreon ( if anyone feels like helping to support this work in that way.

I’m also happy to discuss any aspects of this work here or elsewhere.


  • Bruce