AST dump - nodes are missing


This is what I'm doing.

clang++ -cc1 -I/home/kevg/Desktop/llvm_playground/llvm/include -ast-dump llvm_playground/llvm/lib/Support/SmallVector.cpp

And this is how SmallVector::grow_pod looks like.

`-CXXMethodDecl 0x2e3ddc8 parent 0x2e15fc0 <line:19:1, line:41:1> line:19:23 invalid grow_pod 'void (void *, int, int)'
  >-ParmVarDecl 0x2e3dc50 <col:32, col:38> col:38 used FirstEl 'void *'
  >-ParmVarDecl 0x2e3dcc0 <col:47, col:54> col:54 invalid MinSizeInBytes 'int'
  >-ParmVarDecl 0x2e3dd30 <line:20:32, col:39> col:39 invalid TSize 'int'
  >-CompoundStmt 0x2e502c8 <col:46, line:41:1>
  > >-DeclStmt 0x2e3df58 <line:21:3, col:40>
  > > `-VarDecl 0x2e3dee0 <col:3, col:10> col:10 invalid CurSizeBytes 'int'
  > >-DeclStmt 0x2e3e018 <line:22:3, col:62>
  > > `-VarDecl 0x2e3df80 <col:3, col:10> col:10 invalid NewCapacityInBytes 'int'
  > >-DeclStmt 0x2e3e0a0 <line:26:3, col:16>
  > > `-VarDecl 0x2e3e040 <col:3, col:9> col:9 used NewElts 'void *'
  > >-IfStmt 0x2e4fe70 <line:27:3, line:35:3>
  > > >-<<<NULL>>>
  > > >-<<<NULL>>>
  > > >-BinaryOperator 0x2e3e160 <line:27:7, col:17> '_Bool' '=='
  > > > >-ImplicitCastExpr 0x2e3e130 <col:7> 'void *' <LValueToRValue>
  > > > > `-MemberExpr 0x2e3e0d0 <col:7> 'void *' lvalue ->BeginX 0x2e161b0
  > > > > `-CXXThisExpr 0x2e3e0b8 <col:7> 'class llvm::SmallVectorBase *' this
  > > > `-ImplicitCastExpr 0x2e3e148 <col:17> 'void *' <LValueToRValue>
  > > > `-DeclRefExpr 0x2e3e108 <col:17> 'void *' lvalue ParmVar 0x2e3dc50 'FirstEl' 'void *'
  > > >-CompoundStmt 0x2e4fd78 <col:26, line:32:3>
  > > `-CompoundStmt 0x2e4fe58 <col:10, line:35:3>
  > `-BinaryOperator 0x2e501b0 <line:39:3, col:18> 'void *' lvalue '='
  > >-MemberExpr 0x2e50138 <col:3, col:9> 'void *' lvalue ->BeginX 0x2e161b0
  > > `-CXXThisExpr 0x2e50120 <col:3> 'class llvm::SmallVectorBase *' this
  > `-ImplicitCastExpr 0x2e50198 <col:18> 'void *' <LValueToRValue>
  > `-DeclRefExpr 0x2e50170 <col:18> 'void *' lvalue Var 0x2e3e040 'NewElts' 'void *'
  `-FullComment 0x2e62600 <line:17:4, line:18:72>
    `-ParagraphComment 0x2e625d0 <line:17:4, line:18:72>
      >-TextComment 0x2e62580 <line:17:4, col:78> Text=" grow_pod - This is an implementation of the grow() method which only works"
      `-TextComment 0x2e625a0 <line:18:4, col:72> Text=" on POD-like datatypes and is out of line to reduce code duplication."

Source code

There is no first 'if' at all, last line is absent too.

Some nodes disappeared.

I'm writing a clang-based tool and when I try to use RecursiveASTVisitor on that declaration it can't find those absent nodes too.

Is this a bug or some kind of strange behaviour?

$ clang++ --version
clang version 4.0.0-svn278304-1~exp1 (trunk)
Target: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
Thread model: posix
InstalledDir: /usr/bin

Matching IfStmt AST node on that line using clang-query works fine for me. Thus, clang isn’t a problem.

- Kirill

Are you sure you don’t get any compiler errors?
It is usually the case when you get partial ast.

Hello Eugene,

Many AST nodes in your dump are marked as invalid. Are you sure your compilation command is correct? Maybe you need some additional includes or defines?

17.08.2016 21:03, Eugene Kosov via cfe-dev пишет:

Sure I did have errors. Thanks for your help!

No problem.

btw I think we should make FAQ for clang-tools-extra to include issues like this (actually Eugene wasn’t using clang-check to dump, but I think it is one of the common things.

If you have any other issues that you thing should be mentioned please write it here: