ASTMatchers: isVirtual and isOverride


I’m newbie using ASTMatchers and I’m trying to learn little by little how to use them.

I was basing on the matcher recordDecl(hasName(“Foo”), isDerivedFrom(“Bar”)) shown in trying to include new features. For instance, I tried to look for classes which have at least one virtual method:

recordDecl(hasName(“Foo”), isDerivedFrom(“Bar”), hasMethod(isVirtual()))

Or I tried to match protected overriden methods:

methodDecl(allOf(isProtected(), isOverride());

But neither of them worked as it couldn’t find “isOverride” and “isVirtual” identifiers. I was trying a lot of combinations, but I can’t understand this well.

Finally, I tried to look for the the default constructor of a certain class:

constructorDecl(hasName(“Foo”), isDefaultConstructor())

but this is wrong. What I’m doing bad? Please, any information you give me will be fine to me to understand how to use matchers.

Thanks in advance,



What version are you using? The matchers isOverride() and isVirtual() I know for certain were not in version 3.2, and can only be found on SVN (in this file:

Nonetheless, you can implement them all very easily manually, or just indeed copy their implementation from the link above. Also, instead of isDefaultConstructor(), you could use argumentCountIs(0).