available options for building lldb under Windows?

Hey all,

What methods do we currently support as far as building lldb under Windows? Can I build with VC++, or do I need cygwin or mingw gcc? Does it work in trunk or is there a separate branch? Anybody on point for it?


Todd Fiala

Hey Todd,

We use trunk. You need the latest Visual Studio 2013. Build a sln using cmake, with Python disabled.

There may be some issues on tip at the moment, I'll have to check with other folk here who use it daily :slight_smile:

Just remember you cannot debug _on_ windows, it simply builds LLDB as to use it as a remote frontend for other archs. We've been looking at getting a buildbot up for it, but due to this remote-only fact, it's quite difficult to do just now.


Hi Todd,

Yeah, LLDB trunk tip builds with Visual Studio 2013.

There's no Python support on Windows yet, however we've been working on it.
Have ported the bash scripts used for generating SWIG wrappers to Python so that it's cross-platform.
Just ironing out some issues and we'll be upstreaming it soon.

As Colin mentioned, there's no native debugging on Windows yet.

Deepak Panickal

Great, thanks Colin and Deepak!

Todd Fiala