best way to figure out the C++0x features supported by my current clang binary?


How does one turn on C++0x support in Xcode ? I can't seem to locate
this, but the parser will tell me during coding when I've used a C++0x
feature that is not supported (so apparently the parser/IDE is aware of
C++0x features).

I don't know how you do it in Xcode 4, but in 3.2.5 I simply put
"-std=c++0x" in "Other C flags" which then got passed on to clang. If
there is a possibility in the project/target settings to configure which
C++ dialect/standard to use (there is when using GCC, to switch between
GNU dialects and standard C++), you could try entering "c++0x" there as


Due to a bug in the libc headers, adding the "-std=c++0x" flag may break your project without legit reason.
If you encounter issues with undefined math functions, you may try to use -std=gnu++0x instead or to add "-U__STRICT_ANSI__" after -std=c++0x to the c flags.

AFAIK, the dialect option in the build settings is only for C, not for C++

-- Jean-Daniel