Beyond the Kaleidoscope tutorial - books?

I’ve been studying the Kaleidoscope tutorial while working on a language. It’s very helpful. Any recommendations on how to learn more beyond that tutorial. Topics like:

  1. Adding struct types. Strings, resizable arrays, user defined structs, etc.
  2. Dealing with heap memory management - manual or GC or other techniques.
  3. Throwing exceptions
  4. Small vector and matrix types, as used in graphics and geometry (are there special instructions?)
  5. Pattern matching

I can probably slowly put it together by poking around the docs and searching the internet. But it would be great to have a more helpful guide like that tutorial.


Awesome, thanks! That link is a 404 for me, but I found it here.

Sorry. I updated my bookmark.

@mshockwave wrote a nice intro book ‘LLVM Techniques, Tips, and Best Practices Clang and Middle-End Libraries’: Google Books

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