Buildbot failure in LLVM Buildbot

This patch ⚙ D131763 [OpenMP] Add lit test for metadirective device arch inspired from sollve of mine got committed to LLVM main branch just yesterday. This is the error that I am getting from the buildbot in the annotate->stdio section:

command timed out: 1200 seconds without output running [b’python’, b’…/sanitizer_buildbot/sanitizers/zorg/buildbot/builders/sanitizers/’], attempting to kill
process killed by signal 9
program finished with exit code -1

Buildbot logs: Buildbot

I have compared it with other successful patches like Buildbot too. I have checked through the logs and there is no extra error or warning that other successful logs do not have. But it looks like only my patch is having the buildbot fail due to timeout. This is my first accepted patch at LLVM. Any idea how to debug this issue? Should I just try rebuilding it?



It looks like the bot is back to passing, so it is probably not related to your patch.

Sounds like you already found 1 good way, which is to look at other bots that built your patch.

If it happens to you again, what I’ve done when I have had timeout issues on Linaro’s bots is I have diffed the stdout of the testing stage to see which tests were run (after a bunch of cut | grep processing to just get the test names).

In a case like this you’d expect to see 1 test missing from the failed run.

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