Building a "sysroot"ed Clang+MinGW


I would like to, for testing purposes, build a MinGW Clang that is
relocatable. I have to questions in that regard:

1) How can I point InitHeaderSearch to directories relative to the
directory where the clang(++) executable is located? I would like to
patch the file accordingly to prevent the huge amount of (mostly
non-existing) directories currently in InitHeaderSearch.cpp from being
2) To link MinGW object files, does Clang invoke "ld" or "gcc". The
latter would mean that currently, a "standalone" clang+binutils
wouldn't work, and that would suck ;-). I could still provide the
Clang package as an addon to the rest of the toolchain of course, but
it would prevent one from excluding the other.



PS: please reply-to-all. I was subscribed to this list, and although
most digests had some interesting info, I was wasting time uselessly
reading messages that really didn't concern me or half the time, I
couldn't understand well enough :slight_smile: