Building Clang+CXX+CXXABI Standalone For Linux

All, I’ve been through the various Clang/libcxx/libcxxabi pages (as well as many found via mailing list archives). Does anyone have a good consolidated workflow for building a clang+llvm+libcxx+libcxxabi tree that is completely standalone from GNU libstdc++ on Linux? I have a simple patch that forces the default standard library to libcxx (without requiring it on the command line), but it attempts to pull the default system headers for C++ from GNU.

— John D. Leidel

Once you have a clang/libc++/libc++abi installed on linux you can
configure the LLVM CMake build with the following options:


This will configure the build to use the installed libc++ and
libc++abi instead of libstdc++.