Building LLVM using AIX native compilers

I am experimenting with using LLVM for a project and need to determine I could compile the LLVM libraries on AIX using the native compilers. I am only planning on using the IR/optimization libraries and skip the code generation step/libraries. I also don’t need clang.

Due to various constraints am currently using an old version (LLVM 3.4.2). As this is an experiment, that is OK for now. But I would like to move to newer versions sometime if possible.

I know LLVM requires GCC, however, I found that the AIX native compilers have GCC compatible compilers (gxlC and gxlc). I am able to configure without errors. However, the compile step fails with some warnings (incompatible -W options) and errors (missing endian.h include file among others). So has anyone on the llvm-dev mailing list had experience with this? And if so, can you share your results/methods with me?


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