Building Test Suite Still Not Successful


I am still having problems making the llvm-test suite and running command like “make TEST=libcalls report” is giving me unexpected output. So first I tried the following -

  1. I built and installed llvm(3.0) under Ubuntu 11.10 (using the ./configure script found under llvm source, and then make and make install). While configuring, I gave --prefix as a directory where I would like llvm to be installed. I did not give --with-llvmgccdir argument to configure. Because 3.0 doesn’t come with llvmgcc source/binaries and I decided upon using the compatible version of dragon egg.

  2. I made dragon egg, I updated the makefile of the same in the line “LLVM_CONFIG?=/home/arnie/llvm/llvm-install/bin/llvm-config” (llvm was installed inside llvm-install directory). It successfully produced the dragon egg .so file. Using this .so file I was able to compile simple c programs and manipulate them.

  3. I tried to compile test-suite. I downloaded the test-suite into the /projects directory and then reconfigured in the same above said way (without the argument “–with-llvmgccdir”). Then I did a “make” and “make install” again (as if I don’t do it, I was getting some error while compiling simple files). This created a test-suite inside the /projects directory. I went inside that directory and ran “make”.

  4. After that I tried to run the following commands.
    gmake TEST=nightly report
    gmake TEST=libcalls report

But I got unexpected outputs.(Listed Below) Then I tried the method suggested by Duncan -

1 Create a directory XYZ/bin/ containing the following scripts:

1.1 which contains the following

exec g+±4.6.1 -fplugin=path_to_plugin/ “$@”

1.2 which contains -

exec gcc-4.6.1 -fplugin=path_to_plugin/ “$@”

  1. I gave execute permission to and
  2. I deleted all the contains of the llvm-objects and llvm-install direcory (So I can make a fresh build)
  3. I configured LLVM with: --with-llvmcc=llvm-gcc --with-llvmgccdir=path/XYZ/
  4. Then “make” and “make install” from within the directory
  5. Run make from /projects/test-suite directory (To make the test suite.
  6. Run the same commands as before to produce nightly and libcalls report.

But the results were just as the previous. The results looked something like the following -

Part of the report .txt file for nightly

MultiSource/Applications/Burg/burg | * * * * * | 0.0000 * * * * | n/a n/a n/a n/a
MultiSource/Applications/ClamAV/clamscan | * * * * * | 0.1900 *

And the raw file for nightly contains the following messages -

Hi Arnamoy,

1.1 which contains the following

the configure script looks for the name llvm-g++ not

Ciao, Duncan.