C++11 generalized attributes support


I see there is some preliminary support for C++11-style attributes in clang. I was wondering if anyone is actively working on this feature? In particular I am interested in attributes on for statements.


To my knowledge, nobody is actively working on this feature.

  - Doug

I'm not working on the feature per se, but have been touching some of the related codepaths in a local project. I'm still building against 2.9 (yes, I need to update), but so far the support seems somewhat spotty. It's clear someone made an attempt to add parsing in many of the appropriate cases, but the attributes are often immediately discarded after parsing.

Looking at the implementation of the for loop attributes - on HEAD - the attributes are parsed but discarded. (See ParseStmt.cpp, ParseForStatement in clang/lib/Parse/) Unknown attributes are discarded during parsing itself in ParseCXX0XAttributes in ParseDeclCXX.cpp.

Philip Reames