C++ 17 in LLVM code base!

Hi everyone!

Back in February I posted an RFC to update the toolchain to make it possible to use C++17 in LLVM. And now that the 15.x branch has been created the last step to update the C++ standard and make the requirements hard is posted here.

As soon as this is merged to main we can now start using C++17 features in LLVM!

I would also encourage developers to identify patterns we can use with C++17 to simplify and improve readability. If patterns like these are found we should propose to include them in the Coding Standards.

Thanks everyone that have helped to get us to this point!


For people (like me) who don’t closely track the standards goings-on, there is a list of features (admittedly marked “incomplete”) at C++17 - cppreference.com


This may also be of some use: cpplinks/std.md at master · MattPD/cpplinks · GitHub

In particular:



Update! This have now landed and developers are free to use C++17 features in LLVM as long as they meet the toolchain requirements.

Thanks to everyone helping out on this and happy coding!


Again, thanks for doing this work!

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