c++-analyzer on llvm-clang svn r162229


The results from running scan-build (r162229) on llvm-clang svn r162229 :



John Smith.

this is probably out of track of this topic. I am wondering how well does
static-analyzer do regarding to C++. According to
http://clang-analyzer.llvm.org/dev_cxx.html, C++ support for static analyzer
is not completed. Is it still so?

We've actually made huge progress on analyzer support for C++ in the last year, especially in the last several months. We're aiming to having significantly better C++ support ready by the LLVM 3.2 release. Right now a few things are in flight, and the newest analyzer improvements in this area isn't on by default yet. We're hoping to have most of that on by default in trunk (and then in LLVM 3.2) within the next month. There will still be more to do after that, but the difference in C++ support between previous versions of the analyzer and these improvements is night and day.

Hi Ted,

Great to hear the progress in Static Analyzer. I really want to try out the new analyzer. Can you point me to where to start if I want to turn it out in the LLVM 3.2 trunk?


Hi Chen,

If you are on OS X, I just posted an open source checker build (checker-268) that enables the subset of C++ inter procedural analysis support that we feel comfortable users trying out. If you are building from trunk, those same set of options are enabled by default. Over the next couple weeks we will gradually enable more support for things we are already working on, and then we expect the support to get gradually better in stages over the next year.