C++ compilation error


I'm new in the clang world and I don't understood my mistake.
I've downloaded the source of LLVM 2.8 and clang. I've compiled it and
install it in a directory of my choice.

This is my simple code !

- "test.cpp" should be placed in front of -lfoo.
  - "-lclangFrontend" denends on several libraries.
    (I don't know how to know dependencies)
    You may pick up maximum dependency from
tools/clang/tools/driver/Makefile. :stuck_out_tongue:
  - clang libs depend on llvm libs.

You may do;
$ g++ `bin/llvm-config --cxxflags --ldflags` test.cpp \
-lclangFrontend -lclangDriver -lclangSerialization \
-lclangParse -lclangSema -lclangAnalysis \
-lclangAST -lclangLex -lclangBasic \
`bin/llvm-config --libs`


I understand my mistake now ! It works !

Thank you very much !