C++ Modules Bi-Weekly Informal Implementers' Meeting

Hi all,

Over the last couple of years we have been having an informal bi-weekly meeting discussing current progress, issues and challenges of the C++ modules implementation. We started in 2017 where we were only two people Richard and I mostly discussing modules-related issues in the context of incremental C++. Since then the group of people has expanded covering broader participation and C++ modules topics in both Clang and GCC.

We thought that the community should know about this and we would like to welcome people contributing in the ongoing C++ modules work to join.

The group objectives have been:

  • Accelerate the review of patches
  • Clarify implementation decisions
  • Discuss clang/gcc compliance
  • Gather early implementability feedback about Modules-related ideas for improvements
  • Investigate integration with build systems (cmake, build2, etc).
  • Share implementation, usage and troubleshooting experience

The meeting slot is every second and fourth Tue of the month at 10PDT.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to participate.

Ben Boeckel (KitWare), Boris Kolpackov (Code Synthesis/build2), Bret Brown (Bloomberg), Bruno Cardoso Lopes (Facebook), Daniel Ruoso (Bloomberg), David Blaikie (Google), Iain Sandoe, Nathan Sidwell, Michael Spencer (Apple), Richard Smith (Google), Vassil Vassilev (CERN/Princeton)


Please do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to participate.

How would one go about getting an invitation?

I’m interested in participating.

@cdacamar, @tahonermann, can you drop @zygoloid and I an email, or a private forum message with your email (preferably gmail)?

I am very interested in participating. However, 10PDT is 1am in my time zone. So I couldn’t go to the meeting…

But I would be very appreciated if any one is going to review my patches…:

Ah… It is hard to find a good slot for everybody. We can try to shift for earlier but I do not see how we can do it earlier than 9am PDT.

I understand it is hard to find a good time for every one. It makes sense that we should care about the most people. Although I couldn’t go to the meeting directly, I think it would be very helpful if there is meeting document we could visit and mailing list that we could join.


@ChuanqiXu, would moving the meeting an hour or two earlier make any difference for you?

I think I could go to the meeting if it starts two hours early (8 PDT and it is11.pm in my local time). Thanks!

BTW, I found it has started yesterday. Is there any things like minutes docs? Like we have in clang c++ language working group: Clang C/C++ Language Working Group Meetings - Google Docs

Nope, we keep things informal.

@vvassilev, How can I get an invitation?

How can I get an invitation?


@vvassilev Could I have an invitation as well?

@tstellar, can you send me in private your email address.

I cannot seem to edit my original post.

The meeting hour has moved to 8am PDT. Our next meeting will be on the Tue, 28th of June. And every two weeks from then onward.