C# Wrapper for Clang's C API

Hello, I have been working on a C# wrapper for Clang and it is coming along well so far but I have run into a problem with a particular kind of Cursor.

When I run into CXCursor_IntegerLiteral cursors I am not sure how I can obtain the literal that the cursor refers to using the API. I have looked through llvm a bit to try and find an answer but I have yet to find a solution.

Is there a simple way to grab the number or value from the Cursor using the C api?

I have a similar question in regards to the CXCursor_BinaryOperator kind. I am unsure as to how to determine what type of operator it is.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.


I haven't been able to find a way either. Note that far from everything is exposed in the C API.

You might benefit from teaming up with the guy behind LLVM-F# (google it). He has already done a great job of converting the C API to F# and it is usable from C#.



2012/6/15 MrUnleaded <mrunleaded@gmail.com>