Calling functions


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Álvaro Castro wrote:


I'm trying LLVM for generating code and I found something I cannot figure

out or find in the documentation:

I'm doing something like this to call "sin" from std:

    std::vector<const Type*> params;

    params.push_back( Type::FloatTy );

    FunctionType *FT = FunctionType::get( Type::FloatTy, params, false);

    Function *F = new Function( FT, Function::ExternalLinkage, "sin", M );

    CallInst *CallExternal = new CallInst( F, SomeValue, "external_call", BB );

I can make some calls to functions like glclear() as I'm using opengl:


    Function *F = new Function( FT, Function::ExternalLinkage, "glclear", M );


But if I want to call any function inside a C++ namespace I don't find the

way to do it. Imagine you want to call


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