Calling the clang-tools-extra source directory 'extra'


The buildsystem in clang/tools/CMakeLists.txt currently requires that clang-tools-extra, if present, is checked out/cloned to a directory called 'extra'.

This is not made clear in the git instructions, so the first thing I've always done with a new machine or build is replace that call with a call to `add_clang_subdirectory`.

I updated the buildsystem and docs with these proposed commits:

  ⚙ D52819 Support checking out cte to 'extra' only as backward compatibility
  ⚙ D52820 Update instructions after change in clang buildsystem

Any thoughts?



Are you not using a monorepo? I think the supported workflow going forward is to use the monorepo, and there is an effort (which seems temporarily stalled, but should still happen) to make this the only supported workflow. So I’d suggest we focus all documentation efforts on pointing people towards the monorepo.

If you are using the monorepo, then clang-tools-extra would be under a top-level folder called clang-tools-extra, and everything would just work.

What is the address / url of the monorepo (git / http / svn …)?


This is what I always use, and it’s great, but it could do with being renamed and/or cloned somewhere with a better name. I’m sure to many people the name makes it look like a dated thing, not the latest and greatest.