changes to raw_fd_ostream

I’m getting seemingly odd SegFaults when writing out using a raw_fd_ostream in the current trunk (last version worked, believe it was 153818, or similar). Again, nothing in the release notes… should I be scanning the svn log?

For example, I have something like:

raw_fd_ostream fout(“out.txt”, errorStr="");

fout<<“Hello World, how are you!”\n";

and it’ll write out to the file, “Hello Wor” and then seg fault without assert.

Sadly, this only happens for certain C code, any idea why this might be occuring?

Also, during build I get a lot of these warnings:llvm/ADT/DenseMap.h: In copy constructor ‘llvm::DenseMap<KeyT, ValueT, KeyInfoT>::DenseMap(const llvm::DenseMap<KeyT, ValueT, KeyInfoT>&) [with KeyT = unsigned int, ValueT = llvm::PointerAlignElem, KeyInfoT = llvm::DenseMapInfo]’:

I’m guessing I messed up when updating somehow? I just used gmake update.


It looks like some kind of file IO buffer overflow. I’m not dumping any long strings at one time, but I am keeping the file open for the entire run. I’ve yet to find a correlation to other C files.

So I did a clean checkout and build and still have this issue, did something changed with the way/when it’s getting flushed? My old revision did not have this issue, this is an issue strictly with LLVM it seems.

Solved. Thanks.