Clang and MingW32

I would like to use clang with MingW32 under Windows since, as I understand it, clang can not work with VC++ without problems with the VC++ Windows header files.

In the Clang User's manual for Windows as a target OS it says it works with MingW32 on "some mingw32 distribututions". What does this mean ? I have the canonical MingW distribution from the MingW project on the web. What are the steps I need to perform to build clang for MingW32 and then use it to compiler C++ code ?


If you don't use CMake, you should take MSYS environments.
FYI, I am using "msysgit" distributions.

If you will use CMake, you may choose some mingw distros.
(msys would be not essential)


I don't check all of above!


Using MSYS I followed the instructions. After running ../llvm/configure from the /build directory, I ran make which gives me:

Makefile:139: /Makefile.rules: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `/Makefile.rules'. Stop.