Clang GSoC applications

Hi All,

This is a friendly reminder for GSoC applicants that are interested in LLVM/clang. The deadline for applications is March 31: don't forget. :slight_smile:

For clang, there are a number of improvements that would be interesting. We have one application already that will be pushing C++ class parsing forward (from Algiris). It would be great to see various projects that apply clang technology to new areas. Some random ideas:

1. A simple command to do refactorings on C code. Things like "rename definition", extract as function, etc etc.
2. A distcc tool that scales better than the original.
3. A 'doxygen' like tool which uses the new HTML emitter to generate indexed output like doxygen or LXR.
4. A 'cscope' like tool for indexing a program or jumping rapidly to definitions.
5. A source code reformating tool. This would use the rewriter to do 'indent' like operations, the tricky part is keeping formatting information.

If you are a student and interested in tackling any of these or other related projects, please consider submitting a proposal.


Oh yeah, we're also definitely interested in projects that use static analysis techniques to find bugs as well. :slight_smile:


The scope of this could widely vary, from implementing a bunch of "simple" API checks to more exotic things. There is a fair amount of infrastructure in place for people to experiment with finding different kinds of bugs, and the framework is still young so it's fundamental design can still be heavily influenced by anyone who wants to work on it.

Some possible ideas:

- Finding simple memory leaks and use-after-free errors
- Checks for proper use of the standard C library and other popular C APIs
- A bunch of different security bugs (integer overflows, buffer overruns, tainted data)
- Domain specific checkers: kernel bugs, proper use of OpenGL APIs, etc.
- Work on the core framework: better symbolic analysis, inter-procedural analysis, etc.