Clang PGO and LLVM PGO commandline interface

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A while ago, I implemented frontend-based PGO in LDC (very similar to Clang’s) and now I’d like to add IR-based PGO. I want the commandline interface to be the same (or very similar) to Clang’s, but I am having trouble finding the current state of Clang’s PGO commandline flags (and their meaning related to Clang/LLVM-IR PGO).

Can you give me a pointer to where I can find this, or perhaps give me a brief overview of the current flags and how to select whether to use frontend-based or IR-based PGO ?

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Johan is the documentation for Clang’s PGO. It doesn’t explicitly state which flags map to frontend and IR-based instrumentation.

  • -fprofile-generate and -fprofile-use are for IR-based instrumentation and profile use.
  • -fprofile-instr-generate and -fprofile-instr-use are for frontend-based instrumentation and profile use.
  • -fprofile-sample-use is to use sparse profiles from hardware-counter-based profiles.

-fprofile-use and -fprofile-instr-use can actually be used interchangeably for front-end and IR based PGO. The difference is that -fprofile-use=<> also takes a directory as the argument.


Hi David and Pirama, (first sent off-list, but resending to list)
Thank you for your quick responses. I’ve now successfully added IR-based PGO to LDC; it’s almost trivial. The only thing needed (on LLVM side) was

// For generating pgo info

builder.EnablePGOInstrGen = true;
builder.PGOInstrGen = <outputfilename>;

// For using pgo profile
builder.PGOInstrUse = <inputfilename>;

where builder is the PassManagerBuilder.

This works well on Linux and macOS, however for a Windows target triple, it does not work. The “instrprof” pass fails in that case.
I have attached the failing testcase, that fails with “opt -instrprof crash.ll”:

> opt crash.ll -instrprof

comdat global value has private linkage
[1 x i64]* @__profc_luke
comdat global value has private linkage
[1 x i64]* @__profc_cold
comdat global value has private linkage
[1 x i64]* @__profc_main
comdat global value has private linkage
[2 x i64]* @__profc__Dmain
LLVM ERROR: Broken module found, compilation aborted!

I’ve obtained the IR by compiling the D code with -print-before-all, and crash.ll is the IR before the instrprof pass.

Now, before I file this as a bug, I want to make sure that I didn’t do anything wrong in setting up IR-based PGO. Are there any other steps needed? FYI: we don’t use a special pipeline setup, just the default what LLVM gives us: .
(somehow “opt -instr-prof-gen” does work for Windows…)

As Pirama suggested, I tested with Clang and there it does work with a Windows triple. (

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crash.ll (6.16 KB)