clang-tidy and response file in the compile_commands

Hi, i have a problem with clang-tidy and compile_commands.json.
On my Windows machine, CMake generates compile_commands.json in the following way:
  "directory": "...",
  "command": "C:/mingw64/bin/g++.exe @CMakeFiles/project.dir/includes_CXX.rsp -std=c++11 ...",
  "file": "..."
The main problem, is that due to command-line-length restriction, CMake uses response file (see "@CMakeFiles/project.dir/includes_CXX.rsp" argument) for additional includes. When i'm calling clang-tidy to analyze my project:
"clang-tidy -checks=* -p="<path-to-compile_commands_directory>" "file.cpp"" i'm getting
"@CMakeFiles/project.dir/includes_CXX.rsp: 'linker' input unused [clang-diagnostic-unused-command-line-argument]" and dozens of messages (header not found) because of that.
Does clang-tidy support response-files in the compile_commands.json? It seems that it has some problems with it at the moment.