clang-tidy/clang-format issues

Hi Clang-Guys,

I recently started to look into the clang-tools to enforce coding guidelines for our development group. Therefore, I played around with clang-tidy and clang-format (version 3.8 and trunk from Monday), however ran into a two problems. Before I dive deeper into the code details of both tools, I would like to check with you for known issues or hints.

1) While the compilation of the code using CMake (ninja) works fine, loading the same code via clang-tidy (and the compilation database) results in an error that a header, omp.h, could not be found. Is this a known bug for clang-tidy or might this be caused by a defect in CMake?

2) Performing a simple AST match (reduced from the clang-tidy check 'readability-identifier-naming'), that is,


results in incorrect matches meaning that privately declared members or public type definitions of std containers like const_iterator are matched. Interestingly, I was not yet able to reproduce those errors with simplified test cases. Are there some known issues with the AST matchers that could fit my description?

Thank you for your help and support in advance,