ClangASTContext::AddMethodToObjCObjectType constructs ParmVarDecl without identifier


So my real main problem is that I want to run an expression to output the value of an Objective-C parameter. e.g. `- (void) foo:(id) a`. I want to print `a` when I am stopped in `foo`.

This isn't working for me - technically, I believe - because, in `ClangASTContext::AddMethodToObjCObjectType` the name of the parameter is omitted in the ParmVarDecl, specifically commented as "anonymous"

           *ast, objc_method_decl, clang::SourceLocation(),
           nullptr, // anonymous
           method_function_prototype->getParamType(param_index), nullptr,
           clang::SC_Auto, nullptr));

I don't really see, how and when this information is added at a later stage, but I assune it is somehow. (Not by my ObjC Runtime plugin though)

What I find curious is that the names of the ParmVarDecls have already been determined in `DWARFFastParserClang::ParseChildParameters` and are saved into `function_param_decls`. That is just ahead of the only call to `AddMethodToObjCObjectType` in lldb. But that information isn't passed. Is there a reason why not ?