[clangd] Newcomers guide

Hi Eric,

A possible use case when I would like to analyze a huge C++ project with CodeChecker [1] and use clangd to help me with the jump to definition feature.

So, I am assume that the yml file could be relative big for extremely big projects and in this case I wouldn’t want to generate it for all files. It could be generated separately for translation units. And if I am requesting the locations for different definitions from different translation units the index yml file can be dynamically reloaded.

This is just an idea but I hope I formulate it clear and easy to understand.

[1] - https://github.com/Ericsson/codechecker

Best regards,


Hi Balogh,

It’s not that bad, e.g. last time I checked the index for LLVM takes <200MB. That’s not small, but manageable.
Obviously, larger projects may end up being really huge, but I still encourage you to try it out, maybe it’ll work for your use-case too.

But you’re definitely right, keeping some of the index out of memory might turn out to be hard requirement for larger projects.