code owners

Another thread from today just made me realize we don’t have a clear indication of who code owners are for individual areas of LLDB. Clang and LLVM both have these, and I think it would be helpful if LLDB had the same thing.

If there’s no objections I think I’ll upload a CODE_OWNERS.txt file sometime this week. (Or someone else can do it too, if they feel motivated enough).


This would be great. I’d suggest posting your proposed list of code owners here for discussion first though.


Yes, when I said “upload” I meant “for review” :slight_smile: I’ll get to this sometime this week.

Much appreciated, Zachary. Any suggestions you might have to improve our documentation for newcomers to the project would be valuable.

Kate Stone
 Xcode Runtime Analysis Tools

This is now done in r231936. Greg is currently listed as code owner of lldb in the root llvm CODE_OWNERS.txt file. I feel like that can probably be removed now.