Code Signing


In preparation of getting my lldb based application in the hands of users (first beta testers, then other developers) I’d like to be able to codesign my build of lldb with a certificate from a trusted CA. Have any of you already done this? I have looked at symantec offers ( ) but what I need to order is not clear to me. I imagine I could use a version of LLDB that is already signed (for example the one shipped with Xcode?) as I have not made any modification to the lib, but I’d rather have my own version in order not to be dependent on someone else’s schedule.

I also wonder is there is any chance to have an application that uses lldb published on the Mac App Store and what would entitlements I should add to my app?

Thank you very much in advance!


PS: I’m amazed by how well designed and easy to apprehend the C++ API is. I have been able to go from white page to semi functional application in less than 2 weeks. Incredible!


for normal use your app that uses/integrates with LLDB should not need to be code signed. The only code-signed part required for normal debugging is debugserver, and unless you’ve done something very unusual you should be able to use the debugserver installed with Xcode.

The App Store part is beyond my ken, I’m afraid. That said, I’m not aware of specific debug entitlements, again assuming you use Xcode’s debugserver.



Getting back to this subject, I have found that changing the debugserver target in the Xcode project to use my Mac developper credentials instead of the special one I created as per the documentation works fine!
lldb built this way runs on all the machines I tried and they didn’t have the special cert installed. (the user is asked for the permission to debug programs once and that’s it).