Compassionate Coding Speaker at the WiCT Workshop - Register today!

The LLVM Foundation is excited to announce our guest speaker at the Women in Compilers and Tools Workshop is April Wensel, from Compassionate Coding.

April will be presenting her talk, Contributing with Compassion.

Developer communities help us accomplish much more together than we can do on our own. Our communities can also support our personal and professional growth while satisfying a universal human need for belonging.

However, many of our communities have become exclusionary clubs characterized by unnecessary hostility and unfair barriers to participation. As a result, many of us are stressed out, and our projects are missing out on valuable contributions from people who feel alienated by the existing culture.

Thankfully, we can address this problem with the liberal application of Compassionate Coding techniques. Communities embracing this approach welcome newcomers, support the well-being of existing members, and contribute to positive change in society overall.

You’ll leave this talk equipped with practical tools for contributing compassion to your communities in order to create supportive environments where happier developers are writing higher quality code.

April Wensel is the founder of Compassionate Coding, a conscious business that’s bringing emotional intelligence and ethics to the tech industry through training and community outreach. She has spent the past decade in software engineering and technical leadership roles at various startups in Silicon Valley. She also teaches coding and mentors technologists around the world. Away from the keyboard, she enjoys picking fruit, running ultramarathons, and baking tasty vegan treats.

Registration is open for the Women in Compilers and Tools Workshop. This event is open to ALL who are interested in increasing diversity and inclusion within the LLVM community and the field of compilers and tools. We especially hope that those who are active code reviewers in the community, will attend this talk to help guide new reviewers and create review guidelines to maintain a positive and inclusive community for all contributors. You do not need to attend the LLVM Developers’ Meeting to attend this workshop.

Tanya Lattner
President, LLVM Foundation

In case there is any confusion about who can attend this event, anyone who is interested in increasing diversity and inclusion within the LLVM community and other compiler communities is encouraged to attend. It is not a women’s only event. The topic is also not just related to diversity and inclusion, but just general good practices to continue making LLVM a great open source community. I would love to see a large number of active developers who are doing code reviews attend this event as I think it might be useful.

Register soon, so we can have accurate numbers for our catering. Thanks!

Please let me know if you have any questions.