Compile code in memory buffer to obj in memory.

Hey clang devs,

I'm looking to have multiple memory buffers containing my input code that are treated as individual compilation units (eg. as if each buffer was a cpp file). I looked into this and found I can have auxiliary names remapped to strings that contain my code, and this works for a single remapping but when I try to add more remapped names clang triggers an assertion:

Assertion failed: 0 && "Replacing with the same buffer", file ..\..\..\..\..\too
ls\clang\lib\Basic\SourceManager.cpp, line 75

Remapping code (remapping_data is a vector of strings containing code, remapping_targets is another vector but with the names that were supplied as arguments, their indexes correspond to the mapping)

   clang::PreprocessorOptions & opts = Clang->getInvocation().getPreprocessorOpts();

   for(int i = 0; i < remapping_targets.size(); ++i )
    // Create memory buffer with source text
    llvm::MemoryBuffer * buffer = llvm::MemoryBuffer::getMemBufferCopy (remapping_data[i]);
    if (buffer == NULL)
       error ("Failed to create memory buffer");

    // Remap auxiliary name from string vector remapping_targets to memory buffer
    opts.addRemappedFile (remapping_targets[i], buffer);

   // Execute the frontend actions.
   Success = ExecuteCompilerInvocation(Clang.get());

As a secondary issue I also want to have the resulting object files from the compilation placed in memory rather than on disk. I haven't looked at this yet but I assume it should be pretty easy. Is there any built in functionality in clang for achieving this or will I need to modify the source itself?