Compiler extensions for fast delegates


this is my first posting to this group, so please feel free

to correct me if it is inaproppriate in any way.

The problem: would the Clang C++ compiler developers

consider providing any support for efficient and low memory
overhead delegates in C++? There certainly is std::function

which, together with std::bind, can simulate delegates, but its
enormous genericity results in poor performance, which makes
this combo not a very attractive option. There is also a number

of allegedly ‘fastes possible delegates’, which work thanks to
filthy hacks, but their implementations are themselves excercises
in madness just because the language does not provide

the necessary support for bound member function pointers.

GCC has an extension which allows casting a pmf into an
ordinary function pointer, but this is not supported in Clang

for various reasons and this situation is not expected to change.
So could you please consider providing anything that matches
the “Clang philosophy”, so to speak, and could simplify writing efficient and compact delegates?

I am porting my codebase from GCC to Clang and don’t

care about portability issues – the compiler will always be Clang

and Clang only.

Best regards, Piotr