Compiling LibC++ with LLVM on ARM

Hi Marshall,

I'm trying to compile the whole thing in one go by adding libcxx and
libcxxabi into llvm/src/projects.

The first stage obviously has to use the system compiler, which is GCC
4.8.2, but I'm getting an error on ARM:

Unwind-EHABI.cpp:1000:47: error: expected unqualified-id before string constant
_LIBUNWIND_EXPORT extern "C" _Unwind_Reason_Code

with the caret pointing at _Unwind_Reason_Code.

With Clang, it passes, as it's what I'm using on the libcxx ARM buildbot.

I tried using -std=c++11 on CXXFLAGS, but didn't seem to have made a difference.



PS: I have other problems with AArch64, but let's deal with this one first. :slight_smile:

Hi Renato,

Humpf, that seems to be an old thing. GCC 5.1 on my laptop cope with
that just fine. :frowning:


That's weird. My gcc 5.2 rejects it. Don't think I've got a 5.1
hanging around any more.


Ha! My bad, EHABI wasn't compiled on x86_64. :slight_smile:

So, yes, gcc doesn't like it. But Clang likes either way. I'll send a
review to flip the order. This one seems to be the only occurrence.


Sorry I missed this.
Glad you got help.

-- Marshall