could you give me some advice ?

I have one llvm program like this :
; define ConstantArray
"E1$str" = internal constant [3 x sbyte] c"E1\00"

; use getPtrPtrFromArrayPtr to define SByte* from ConstantArray
"E1$entry" = internal constant sbyte* getelementptr ([3 x sbyte]* "E1$str", uint 0, uint 0)

when i want to get std::string object from this declaration in another program

  Module* m = loadModule("XXX.bc");
  Constant* c = findValue(m,"E1$entry");
  GlobalVariable* gv = cast<GlobalVariable>(c->getOperand(0));
  ConstantArray* ca = cast<ConstantArray>(gv->getOperand(0));
   std::string str = ca->getAsString();

now str = "E1"
these code looks a little ugly , could you tell me better solution ?
In another word , I want to know the reverse operation of ConstantExpr::getPtrPtrFromArrayPtr .


I'm not sure I understand. You have a pointer to "E1$entry" and you want the string it points to? I assume this is what your findValue function does?