crashing w/sanitizers

Hi All:

I’ve been happily using clang and its various sanitizers for quite a while now, but have recently run into a strange problem, and thought I would ask about it here before posting a bug report (mostly because I don’t have enough detailed information for a bug report as yet).

Short version: both Address Sanitizer and Thread Sanitizer builds of my application are crashing — in the case of ASAN I get “ASAN:DEADLYSIGNAL” and that’s all, with TSAN I get a SIGBUS error and an hs_errpid file. (The application is a C++ shared library hosted in a JVM. The JVM is spawned from a C++ executable so that ASAN and TSAN can be linked statically).

I’m getting this behavior with clang 5.0.0 and 5.0.1.

The funny thing is this happens only my home Linux box, which has aCore i5-2400, while it does not happen on my work machine, which has two Core i7-4770R CPUs. Both are running Centos 6.9, with 16GB RAM.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? Any help is much appreciated…