Creating a LLVM Project from the Sample project


I have followed the steps described in
It seems there is a problem with the script.
In order to get the whole sample project working in a directory
outside of llvm directory structure, I had to replace lines 22 and 23
by :


I am not a configuration specialist, so I can't tell if this is a good
fix, but it works.
I should also add that in order to fully customize the sample project,
there is some additional work to rename existing directories and their
references in These additional steps are not described
in the "Creating an LLVM Project" document.


I'm not sure anyone actually uses that -- the bug about it seems to be

Perhaps if you add your findings to it it might get noticed?

Thanks Scott, I think it was the same bug.
I am using Xcode now, though :frowning:
For those who are interested, here is a Xcode build configuration file
for those who would like to build their project against LLVM. It was
inspired from what I found in clang.

llvm-tool.xcconfig (1.28 KB)