Creating Release Branch @9pm PDT

This is just a reminder that I will be creating the 1.8 release branch in 1 hour.

Please refrain from checking into cvs after 9PM PDT until I send out email confirming the branch has been created.

Tanya Lattner

I created the 1.8 branch: feel free to check code into mainline again. To check out the branch:

cvs -d <CVS Repository> co -r release_18 llvm
cvs -d <CVS Repository> co -r release_18 llvm-test
cvs -d <CVS Repository> co -r release_18 llvm-gcc

Please do not check in any code changes to the release branch. I would like to have code changes reviewed before being merged in, and I want to control when code gets merged on the branch (so tarballs are consistent). Just send email to me or the list with what check-in you want merged in.

Unlike code changes, please go ahead and commit any documentation changes to the release branch (and also mainline) directly without review. I am hoping that all LLVMers could spare a few minutes to check over the documents to make sure they are up to date. I'd like to have the branch frozen on the 7th, so please check in all documentation changes before then.

I will be creating tarballs and binaries which will be available for testing by August 2nd.