Cygwin patch

I have the PIC stuff building properly on Cygwin now, patch attached.

But unfortunately it does not pass the test/Feature/load_module.ll test in ‘make check’ though, that needs debugging at some stage, but I have wasted enough time on this patch now, atleast SVN LLVM should compile on Cygwin now.

The following adds libraries for Cygwin and also for MinGW (not tested) where Linux’s g++ ld finds these from a path using a weird command line which does not work on Cygwin or MinGW.

lib/Transofrms/Helol/Makefile :-

+ifeq ($(OS), $(filter $(OS), Cygwin MingW))

  • USEDLIBS = LLVMAnalysis.a LLVMCore.a LLVMInstrumentation.a LLVMScalarOpts.a LLVMSupport.a LLVMSystem.a LLVMTransformUtils.a LLVMipa.a LLVMipo.a


cygwin3.patch (1.63 KB)

Sorry attached wrong patch, use this one instead…


cygwin3.patch (1.65 KB)