`dbg.addr` intrinsic slated for removal

A few months back, the LLVM debug info community agreed it was time to remove the experimental dbg.addr intrinsic, as we now have better approaches to achieve a similar goal. I’m highlighting this in a new thread just to be sure everyone who may be interested is aware it is on it’s way out.

There are now patches up for review to remove it:

IR inputs with this intrinsic are auto-upgraded to dbg.value with DW_OP_deref appended to the value expression. If your downstream LLVM project was using dbg.addr, you may wish to make a similar conversion to dbg.value.


All of the patches have now been approved. I’ll wait a few more days before landing to give a bit more time for others to be aware of this pending change (and raise concerns if any).

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This has now landed. Thanks to everyone involved in feedback and reviews! :slightly_smiling_face:

And thank you for your work on this! It’s good to see this now-unneeded feature removed.

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