Debug Information Wiki Page

Hi All,

We've been working on a wiki page to help people build debug
information in their own front-ends:

It's definitely a work in progress, but it already has the basic
format and how to create the basic information (line, functions,
variables, basic types).

It's not complete nor completely accurate, so if you do spot a
problem, please be kind and fix it. :wink:

If you want to add more information (like composite types, c++ and
inline support), please do so.


This looks like great information. Could it be wrapped up into llvm/docs/SourceLevelDebugging.html instead of put on the wiki page?


Hi Chris,

It originally was (I still have the source html), but to make it
easier for people to contribute, we thought it'd be easier to put on a

Me, Talin and Devag had a few rounds via email and it wasn't easy to
keep up the changes and to know which was the most recent version.

The wiki version is not far off from where we stopped in the HTML
(using LLVM CSS), so it's just a matter of what really is more
convenient for all parties.

I don't mind updating the HTML for every contribution, but it'll take
longer to converge.

Ok, the wiki is good for collaborative editing, but it gets out of date quickly as the source changes (it doesn't turn up in greps over the codebase among other things). Once you guys converge, it would be great to move the info back to the docs. If it's too early for that, feel free to keep hacking on it however convenient. Thanks for working on this!


Indeed, and it's hard to branch it for release docs.

It took me a while to get it formatted to the wiki and I guess it's
not going to be easy to transform it to HTML later. Is there any
script your guys use it? I might be able to conjure a Perl hack to do