Determine parent/child relationships in RecursiveASTVisitor

Dear Clang Dev:

I have a RecursiveASTVisitor. I'd like to know the relative relationship
between a node I'm currently visiting with the previous node visited.
Basically, I'm trying to write a visitor which gives back an array of
the depths of each node during the traversal. So, if a node is a child
of the previously visited node, then its depth is 1 more than the depth
of the previous node, and if it is a sibling it is the same. If it is a
cousin of some sort, it's more difficult, and I would need to know just
how far away that node is from the previous.

Another approach would be to just determine this depth directly given a
node and walk up it's parent chain to the root. I'm find with doing this
as well, but I can't seem to find something that gives me the parent of
a node.

  Yours truly,
      Aaron W. Hsu

This information should be available from ASTContext::getParents.

Dear Nikola:

Thank you for this information on ASTContext::getParents, I was looking
in the wrong place I see.

     Yours truly,

           Aaron W. Hsu